About me


My name is Valeriya Salnikova.

I was born in Murmansk in 1986, graduated from an art school in the north of Russia in the coal town of Vorkuta, and graduated from the Department of Painting, profession "Graphic Designer" at the Russian Social State University in Moscow, the last jobs were in positions designer special projects at Harper's Bazaar and Art Director at Avon.


I was influenced by the work of Pablo Picasso, his cubist style and blue period, his recognizable colors and lines. I call my style "picassism", as many of the techniques of painting are similar to an idol. I love art oil for its amazing smell and painting on canvas, but I often draw sketches with markers, watercolor pencils and pastels.


I love wide and fuzzy strokes, uneven strokes and deliberately enlarged parts of the face or body. Mostly now I paint cubist portraits in fashion style, sometimes abstract landscapes. All the paintings have different moods and colors, but they are always united by the author's style, which is expressed in bright colors, without fear of crushing the subject, body, face in unexpected places, violating all the laws of easel painting.


I tried myself in various guises: paintings on canvases, painting mannequins, interior items, clothing. Took part in the collaboration between the Omelchenko Gallery Art Patrol and the Rigraiser brand. I constantly participate in off and on-line exhibitions in various galleries, give master classes in the Gallery "Zdes' na Taganke", creative evenings with artists and galleries on Instagram, participate in a large number of art contests and open calls.


Cabinetdel'art | 2021

in Art MUSE 5 | 2021 page 155

"Forbidden Fruit" Miami 2021


from Omelchenko gallery "Art to the north" | 2021

in Coosmagazine |Spanish|2020

​from Wantandpaint "7","16" | 2016-2017

from CDH "Landscapes of Abstraction| 2015

from CDH "20 years later| 2014

from Global Art Agency Ltd "Oxford International Art Fair" | 2014"

from Espace Pierre Cardine LA Gazette des Arts N°18 "BUSINESS ART" | 2013


I call my style picassism

the main thing in the portrait is to convey the inner world of the hero